The City of Ferndale is committed to sustainable and environmentally responsible actions and policies. Below are details on some of those efforts and information on how the public can help.

Water Conservation

Looking for ways to reduce your water bill and help the planet? Click the link above for ways to conserve water.

Rain Barrels

The City is an enthusiastic supporter of rain barrels! Learn how to safely capture and use rainwater on your house:

Online Permit Center

As of 2018, the City of Ferndale has gone paper-free for all of our permit applications and plan reviews. You can learn more in the video above and access our permit center here.

Green Building

The City encourages environmentally responsible construction. For more details and questions, please contact our Community Development Department.


The City works closely with our partners at Sanitary Service Company to enact best practices for reducing our waste and limiting our impact on the natural world.

Greenhouse Gas Policies

Over the past decade the City has adopted a variety of policies, procedures, and codes that are intended to address greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. Some of these policies were made for the purpose of reducing environmental impact, others were adopted based simply on best management practices and industry standards.

All of those relating to Greenhouse Gas emissions were gathered together and passed by resolution in Aug 2019. Those policies are available here.

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