Grandview Sewer Extension Project

The City of Ferndale annexed the Grandview area in approximately 2010.  Since the annexation, lack of sewer service has limited the development potential in the area.  The City, working in conjunction with Wilson Engineering, has prepared a preliminary design that will form the basis for full design of the Grandview Sewer Extension.  The current design relies on a series of pump stations and gravity lines to complete the 2.5 mile alignment.  A copy of the report can be found below.

The City is also pursuing the formation of a Local Improvement District “LID” to fund all or a portion of the work.  Should initial property valuations suggest that an LID be viable, the successful firm will be tasked with assisting with the formation of the District.  The City requesting engineering services for preparation of plans and specifications and estimates.  Further phases including construction engineering and inspection services may be added.

News & Information

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