Reservoir #1 Overflow Modification Project

Reservoir No.1 Location

This project involves modifying the existing reservoir overflow piping at Thornton and Vista Drive from below grade to above grade with a gooseneck and air gap, including excavating to an approximate depth of twenty feet below existing grade for installation of a new manhole with top slab, a new 8” ductile iron pipe and fittings, site work, and related work.

News & Information

Bid Process

Note to bidders:  Bids will only be accepted from Bidders who are listed on the planholders’ list.  If you download plans and specifications from this website, please email to be added to the planholders’ list.  Plans and specifications are also available for purchase ($50 per set, non-refundable).

File Size note:  Plans and specifications files are very large.  Save a copy to your computer by right clicking the file and choose “Save As”.

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