Library Storm Pipe Replacement Project

This project calls for installation of approximately 100 linear feet of 48” diameter drainage pipe and cast in place retaining wall.  Work will include clearing, grubbing, temporary placement and removal of a sheet pile coffer dam, dewatering operations, structure excavation, placement of pipe and connection to an existing drainage system, forming and pouring a retaining wall, placement of gravel base and wall backfill, grading and other work, all in accordance with the Contract Plans, Special Provisions, the Standard Specifications and Standard Plans. Contractors bidding on this project were selected from the City’s official Small Works Roster.

Bid Process


The project construction contract was awarded to low bidder Interwest Construction, Inc. of Burlington, WA, for their bid price of $133,430.00.  Construction is estimated to begin late April 2014 and is anticipated to be underway for approximately three weeks.

The Ferndale Public Works Department is always happy to answer questions about our ongoing capital improvement projects.  Please contact us at (360) 384-4006.  Project information is posted on our website and Facebook page.

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