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Plans, Specifications, and Engineering Services

The City of Ferndale is seeking qualification statements from Professional Engineering firms with experience providing design services, up to and including: roadway design; surveying; geotechnical investigation, studies and services; permitting; as well as the creation of plans, specifications and estimates for the Thornton Street, Vista Drive to Malloy Avenue  Project. 

This project will reconstruct the and widen Thornton Street to current standards between Vista Drive to Malloy Avenue. Improvements include upgrading the stormwater, water and sanitary sewer utility systems, installation of ADA compliant sidewalks and ramps on both sides of the road, and upgrades to the street lighting where needed.

Questions regarding this Request for Qualifications should be directed to Katy Radder, Public Works Project Manager, via telephone at (360) 684-2377 or via email at

The City of Ferndale reserves the sole right to terminate this process, to not award a contract, and to cancel or modify this solicitation process at any time. In no event will the City, or any of their respective agents, representatives, consultants, directors, officers, or employees, be liable for, or otherwise obligated to reimburse, the costs incurred in preparation of this RFQ, or any related costs. The prospective consultant teams shall wholly absorb all costs incurred in the preparation and presentation of the submittals. The RFQ submittals will become the property of the City of Ferndale.

Interested firms shall submit four copies of a Statement of Qualifications that contains the following:

  1. Cover Letter. 
  2. Qualifications: 

Outline the qualifications of the firm to perform this work. 

Project management; provide an organizational chart of the proposed consulting team and a short resume of all key people listed on the chart. 

  • References:

Provide a list of projects that were similar in scope. Project list should include year completed, budget, scope and reference contact. 

The Statement of Qualification submittal shall be a maximum of 10 unbound single-sided pages, including cover letter. 


All responses shall be made in writing.  Responses by FAX will not be accepted.  Sealed responses will be received by the Public Works Department of the City of Ferndale, Washington up to the hour of 5:00 p.m., Friday, October 11th, 2019. Responses delivered later will not be accepted. The City of Ferndale is not responsible for delays in delivery.

All responses to this request that are mailed through the United States Postal Service shall be addressed to the Public Works Department, City of Ferndale, P.O. Box 936, Ferndale, WA 98248. Hand-delivered responses, or responses not sent through the USPS, shall be delivered to the Public Works Department, 2nd floor front counter, City of Ferndale, 2095 Main Street, Ferndale, Washington. The United States Postal Service will NOT deliver to the street address.  All responses shall be placed in a sealed envelope, which is clearly marked “THORNTON STREET, VISTA DRIVE TO MALLOY AVENUE PROJECT RFQ”.

The City of Ferndale is committed to providing equal opportunities to State of Washington certified Minority, Disadvantaged and Women’s Business Enterprises in contracting activities. (Section 4 of Chapter 56, Laws of 1975, 1st Ex. Sess. State of Washington.).

The City of Ferndale reserves the right to cancel this request or reject any and all responses submitted or to waive any minor formalities of this call if the best interest of the City would be served.