Auxillary Communications Service to Visit Ferndale Schools

In 2019, the Ferndale Auxiliary Communications Service (ACS) will be bringing the communications van out to Ferndale Schools.

The purpose of these stops will be to conduct a radio net designed by the Ferndale ACS (FACS) for the District’s radio operators. An added bonus of visiting will be to get to know the staff and offer small tours of the communications to staff as well as students. For more on this, FACS events, exercises and information please follow their Facebook page.

December 2018
18th – Maintenance, Transportation & Dispatch

January 2019
8th – Ferndale High School
22nd – Horizon Middle School

February 2019
5th – Vista Middle School
19th – Cascadia Elementary School

March 2019
5th – Central Elementary School
19th – Custer Elementary School

April 2019
9th – Eagleridge Elementary School
23rd – Skyline Elementary School

May 2019
7th – FSD Main Office
21st – North Bellingham Learning Center

Ferndale’s Auxiliary Communications Service is a group of amateur radio operators who provide communication support to the Ferndale Emergency Operations Center and the Ferndale Police Department Communications Van.

ACS is part of the Ferndale Emergency Resource Network (FERN) which is a consortium of emergency response volunteers who meet monthly to ensure Ferndale is prepared for any emergency or natural disaster. Also included in the FERN group is the Ferndale Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), Ferndale School District, Northwest Washington American Red Cross, the Whatcom County Volunteer Mobilization Center, and the Whatcom Unified Emergency Coordination Center.

If you hold an FCC Amateur Radio License (Technician, General, or Extra) and are interested in becoming an ACS volunteer, please email to request an application.

The Ferndale ACS meets the third Sunday of every month at 3 PM in the Emergency Operations Center at the Ferndale Police Department, 2200 Main St.

Police Urge Witnesses to Come Forward in McDonalds Robbery

Police Urge Witnesses to Come Forward in McDonalds Robbery

Ferndale Police are releasing video footage of a suspect (see above) in the Dec. 9th robbery at the Ferndale McDonalds location. The video shows the suspect entering and exiting the restaurant.

The suspect is reported to be a light skinned male, approximately 6 ft 2 inches to 6 ft 4 inches, wearing a dark colored jacket over a dark colored hoodie, dark colored pants and brown boots.

At this time, there are persons of interest with this case, including a potential driver and passenger in the suspect’s car during the time of the robbery.

“Whether they were aware of what was going on or not, we urge the other witnesses in this case to come forward and speak to us,” said Detective Pike. “Beyond those persons of interest, we also encourage anyone who can identify the suspect to get in touch.”

Ferndale Police is also requesting customers who utilized the drive through between 5:00 am and 5:30 am on the day of the incident to call Ferndale Police Department.

Detective Pike can be reached at 360-483-5725 or .

Ferndale Police Seek Suspect in Propane Tank Theft

In the early morning hours of Dec. 10th, a propane tank was stolen from a resident on the 5600 block of Second Avenue. The Ferndale Police are asking the public to help identify the suspect captured on the victim’s security camera. If you have any information about this theft or can shed some light as to the suspect’s identity, please call Detective Pike at (360) 483-5725. Thank you!

Ferndale Police Seek Suspect in McDonalds Robbery

On 12/09/2018 at about 5:19 AM, Ferndale Police responded to a robbery at the Ferndale McDonalds, 1688 Main Street.  Employee’s reported that a younger looking white male, about 6’ 4” tall, 250 lbs, wearing a black jacket over a black or dark blue hoody, dark blue jeans and brown boots, came in to the restaurant just after opening.  The suspect implied that he had a gun and made his way to the back of the restaurant.

The suspect took cash from the tills before fleeing on foot westbound towards the Ferndale Events Center.

Deputies from the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office, along with Troopers from the Washington State Patrol, assisted with a K-9 track for the suspect, however the suspect was not located.

Ferndale Police are continuing to investigate and ask the public to contact Detective Pike at 360-483-5725 or with any information.

Andrew Hansen Appointed to Arts Commission

Andrew Hansen

Last night, Andrew Hansen was nominated by Mayor Jon Mutchler to the Ferndale Arts Commission. Hansen, a Windward High School graduate and current Whatcom Community College student, is a local musician and interested in getting involved in Ferndale’s art scene. “I believe art is what gives color to life. It is the essence of our humanity.”

The Ferndale Arts Commission is charged with enhancing the community by advising on public art and community aesthetic enhancement.

The Arts Commission meets at 5 p.m. the second Wednesday of each month in the City Hall Main Conference Room, 2095 Main St.

The City accepts applications for boards and commissions year-round, not just when there is a vacancy. If you feel you have something to contribute, please fill out an application and send it to City Clerk Susan Duncan. You can find the application here.

Mark Kaiman Sworn In as new Ferndale Municipal Court Judge

Last night, attorney Mark Kaiman was sworn in as Ferndale’s new Municipal Court Judge. Kaiman served as a Judge Pro Tempore in Whatcom County District Court for the last four years. In addition to his judicial experience, Kaiman has been a deputy prosecutor in, and is currently in private practice as a military and criminal defense attorney.
“Sitting in judgment of others is a great responsibility. I am honored that the city of Ferndale has entrusted me with this task and allowed me to answer the call to public service,” said Kaiman.

Summary of December 4th, 2018 Council Meeting

Agenda Materials Found Here

 City Council Agenda Follow-Up

December 3, 2018


Councilmember Taylor moved, and Councilmember G. Hansen seconded, to approve the consent agenda.  MOTION CARRIED 7-0.







PUBLIC HEARING: Comprehensive Plan Updates Ordinance

The comprehensive plan is the long-range guiding document of the City and is fully updated every five to eight years in cooperation with other local jurisdictions and Whatcom County. In the intervening years the City or private applicants may propose amendments no more than once per year unless an emergency situation exists.

There are two types of amendments: to the text and to the Land Use Map. In the proposed ordinance, all changes are primarily map amendments. The FEMA Floodway Modification amendment requires a minor change to the existing text, as a result of the map change.

The three proposed modifications are:

1.       Removal, modification, or renaming of the floodway land use designation. With this modification, properties currently subject to the designation would instead be designated based on the adjacent land use designations, and the properties would also be rezoned to the adjacent zoning designation.

2.       Comprehensive plan land use map change: South Portal. The recommendation is to change the land use designation in this area from Commercial to Medium or High Density Residential. In recent years there has been a significant shift in ownership in the area and some of the long-term uses have ceased or may soon cease. The existing Commercial land use designation anticipates a variety of uses for an area that does not appear to be conducive to those uses.

3.       Comprehensive Land Use Change: Donna Lane/Thornton Street. This amendment would change the land use designation of two properties in the vicinity of Thornton Street. The southern property would change from Commercial to Low Density Residential, consistent with adjacent residential properties to the west. The amendment would also make the northern property entirely commercial.

Councilmember Watson moved, and Councilmember Xczar seconded, to approve the removal of the floodway designation and the South Portal land use map change. (Items #1 & 2) MOTION CARRIED 6-1, Councilmember Olson opposed.

Councilmember G. Hansen moved, and Councilmember Kennedy seconded, to approve the comprehensive land use change for the southern property in the vicinity of Thornton Street from Commercial to Low Density Residential. (Item #3) MOTION CARRIED 6-1, Councilmember Olson opposed.

Councilmember Kennedy moved, and Councilmember K. Hansen seconded, to direct staff to draft a development agreement requiring a residential buffer on the western and southern boundaries of the northern property, with homes no taller than 35 feet. The land use change to Commercial is pending the approval of the development agreement. MOTION CARRIED 7-0.
















PUBLIC HEARING: Public/Institutional Zone Setbacks Modifications Ordinance

The Public/Institutional (P/I) Zone was established for the purpose of creating a zoning designation that would facilitate the development of public buildings. Prior to the establishment of this zone, public buildings could be allowed in any zone, subject to a variety of different review processes.

Currently, the P/I zone is silent in terms of setbacks but refers to the underlying or adjacent zone for guidance. However, the P/I zone is a zone unto itself, so a reference to an underlying or adjacent zone is somewhat misleading.

The proposed amendments establish setbacks in the P/I zone of 20 feet from the front, 5 feet on the sides, and 10 feet from the rear. These setbacks may be reduced if the adjacent zone has a lesser value.

Councilmember Taylor moved, and Councilmember Watson seconded, to approve the agenda bill. MOTION CARRIED 7-0.








PUBLIC HEARING: Nordic Way Rezone Ordinance

The area generally east of Haggen grocery store has been zoned for commercial purposes since the 1970’s, despite the fact that many of the largest businesses in the area are clearly more industrial in nature, and operate as legally non-conforming uses. For several years, property owners in this area have focused on the redevelopment of this area for large retail/big-box purposes. Since that time several of the property owners in the area have indicated that absent a large retail development, the City’s inventory of commercial properties far exceeds the need, and the inventory of serviced properties in General Business zoning is rapidly shrinking. Property owners in the area initiated a formal rezone request.

Councilmember Taylor moved, and Councilmember Kennedy seconded, to approve the agenda bill. MOTION CARRIED 7-0.







ORDINANCE: 2018 Budget Amendment

The budget amendment transfers funds to the stormwater fund, related to the Gateway Storm and Washington Street, Main to Vista projects.

Councilmember K. Hansen moved, and Councilmember G. Hansen seconded, to approve the agenda bill. MOTION CARRIED 6-1, Councilmember Olson opposed.




ORDINANCE: Adoption of 2019 Operating Budget

Councilmember Taylor moved, and Councilmember Xczar seconded, to approve the agenda bill. MOTION CARRIED 4-3, Councilmembers Olson opposed, Watson, and K. Hansen opposed.



DISCUSSION: School Resource Officer Interlocal Agreement

The School District and the City believe that it is in the best interest of the Ferndale public school system to have a law enforcement presence in the schools, so they have established a “School Assigned Officer” (SAO) program. The SAO provides services on a rotating and random basis to all schools in the district during the ten-month school year. The proposed interlocal agreement extends the program for the 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 school years.

The proposed annual payment from the School District to the City is $63,135 for the 2018-2019 school year, and $65,503 for the 2019 – 2020 school year.

On Wednesday, November 28, the Finance & Administration Committee forwarded the item to the full Council for further discussion with a recommendation of approving a 180-day contract for the 2018 – 2019 school year only.

Councilmember Kennedy moved, and Councilmember Taylor seconded, to approve the 2-year interlocal agreement as presented.


Councilmember K. Hansen moved, and Councilmember G. Hansen seconded, to amend the motion to decrease the term of the agreement to a one-year, 180-day contract for the 2018 – 2019 school year.













APPOINTMENT: Andrew Hansen, Arts Commission

Councilmember Taylor moved, and Councilmember Olson seconded, to approve the appointment. MOTION CARRIED 6-0, Councilmember G. Hansen abstaining.



ADJOURNMENT: Meeting was adjourned at 8:52 p.m.  


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