Summary of May 7th, 2018 Council Meeting

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City Council Agenda Follow-Up

May 7, 2018


Councilmember Watson moved, and Councilmember G. Hansen seconded, to approve the consent agenda. MOTION CARRIED 7-0.




PROCLAMATION: Teacher Appreciation Week INFO ONLY
PUBLIC HEARING: Public Storage Uses Ordinance

In November of 2017, Council adopted a six-month moratorium on the acceptance of new storage use applications within the General Business Zone. The moratorium was established based on concerns that the proliferation of these uses could impact long-range employment projections in the General Business Zone and beyond. Adoption of the zoning text amendment removes the need for the moratorium, as it creates new definitions to better describe the variety of uses for the storage units, requires that life-safety measures be put in place based on the proposed range of uses when an application is submitted, and adopts regulations to push personal storage uses further from the right of way so that other uses such as businesses can be placed in closer proximity to the street.

Councilmember Watson moved, and Councilmember Xczar seconded, to approve the agenda bill. MOTION CARRIED 7-0.








ORDINANCE: Overnight Housing in Religious Facilities

Washington State has recognized that religious institutions have played an important role in assisting the homeless or near-homeless. In 1992 the state adopted RCW 19.27.042 allowing local jurisdictions to opt in to allow certain exemptions from building codes for deficiencies that would not be a threat to human life, health, or safety, in order to allow churches to temporarily house homeless persons. This ordinance modifies FMC 15.04 to reference RCW 35A.21.360 and RWC 19.27, allowing the City to authorize religious institutions to temporarily house the homeless or near-homeless, and places restrictions and requirements on the institutions.

Councilmember Kennedy moved, and Councilmember Watson seconded, to send the item back to the Planning & Land Use Committee. MOTION CARRIED 7-0.





ORDINANCE: Development Standards & Trails Standards Revisions

The Development Standards were updated in 2017, and since then staff have identified some minor areas that need clarification. These amendments implement revisions and also include Standard Detail drawings for curb, speed table, and trail construction.

Councilmember Watson moved, and Councilmember Olson seconded, to approve the agenda bill with the following amendment to Chapter 19:25.030(F):  “All required performance bond securities will remain IN THEIR ORIGINAL AMOUNT until final project approval and/or maintenance bond security acceptance.” MOTION CARRIED 7-0.







The City currently relies on two water production wells, the Douglas Well and the Shop Well. The design and capacity of the current well system is adequate for current City production needs; however, the system lacks necessary redundancy. The City’s comprehensive water planning documents identified an emergency intertie to address this deficiency. This interlocal agreement with the City of Bellingham sets the terms by which an emergency intertie would be implemented.

Councilmember Watson moved, and Councilmember Kennedy seconded, to approve the agenda bill. MOTION CARRIED 7-0.





ORDINANCE: FMC Modifications – Park Impact Fees

FMC 15.60 is the code chapter that provides a basis for park impact fees, dedication of land in lieu of paying impact fees, and other procedural steps related to those fees. The chapter was originally crafted in the early 2000’s and still reflects many of the park-related philosophies in place at that time, including the City’s policy of seeking land dedication as a first option. The modifications tie FMC 15.60 more closely to the Parks Plan, recreating the chapter as a vehicle to implement the Parks Plan rather than as an independent but related regulatory tool. Councilmember G. Hansen moved, and Councilmember Taylor seconded, to approve the agenda bill. MOTION CARRIED 7-0.





RESOLUTION: Residential Targeted Areas

The resolution sets the date for a Public Hearing regarding the potential to offer local developers tax incentives allowed by State law for the construction of multi-family housing in selected areas of the City. With recent changes to State law, this program that was previously only available to larger jurisdictions can now be offered in Ferndale. The hope is that due to these property tax deferrals, housing units will be constructed that would not otherwise be financially feasible. The Public Hearing date is June 18, 2018. Councilmember Kennedy moved, and Councilmember Taylor seconded, to approve the agenda bill with a modification to the map to include all residential property on Second Avenue. MOTION CARRIED 7-0.







Council adjourned to Executive Session at 7:09. Regular session resumed at 7:29


Information only.


Information only.



ADJOURNMENT: Meeting was adjourned at 7:30 p.m.  


Mayoral Proclamation: February 6th, 2018 shall be “Doug Pederson Day”

Golden Eagle Doug Pederson

City of Ferndale
Mayoral Proclamation

WHEREAS, Douglas Irvin Pederson grew up in the City of Ferndale and graduated from Ferndale High School; and

WHEREAS, he served as the head coach for the Philadelphia Eagles starting in 2016; and

WHEREAS, the Eagles went 13-3 in the regular season and made it to Super Bowl LII,

WHEREAS, they defeated the Patriots 41-33, winning Super Bowl LII; and

WHEREAS, Coach Doug Pederson’s leadership was essential to that victory;

NOW THEREFORE, I, Jon Mutchler, Mayor of the City of Ferndale, do hereby proclaim the Tuesday, February 6th, 2018 as:

‘Doug Pederson Day’

in the City of Ferndale, Washington in recognition of his achievements.

City Council Sets Priorities, Committee Assignments for 2018

City Council Sets Priorities, Committee Assignments for 2018

This Wednesday, the City Council, Mayor and City Staff gathered for a daylong retreat to set their priorities for the coming year. Council selected liaisons for community groups, assigned committee members and participated in a goal setting exercise called “Must/Should/Could”.

As part of this exercise, they identified top priorities and then winnowed them down to things they “Must Do”, “Should Do” and “Could Do” with the understanding that not all of these projects will be completed in two years, but progress will be made towards these goals.

City staff will then use this list of prioritize to shape their work for the year and guide the 2019 budget process. You can find 2016’s list by clicking here and previous year’s Must/Should/Could by clicking here. See below for current lists, committee and liaison assignments.

For more information, please contact Communications Officer Riley Sweeney at (360) 685-2353 or by clicking here.

2018 Council Retreat “Must” List

  1. Implement Parks Plan which includes the following projects; BMX Pump Track, Spray/Splash Park, Skate Park, Fenced Dog Park, Bender Park, Covered Picnic Shelters, and Turf at Phillips 66 Ballfields
  2. A New Administration Building/Council Chambers/Courthouse
  3. Downtown Revitalization including infrastructure review, incentives for businesses, and improved parking
  4. Upgrade and Improve Main Street Traffic Lights/Crosswalk
  5. Hire a Grant Writer on Staff
  6. Finalize an agreement with Lummi Nation about Slater Road Development
  7. Establish a Parks Department
  8. Hire an Engineer on Staff
  9. Install Portal Way Sidewalks
  10. Approve a Long-Term Financial Plan

“Should” List

  1. Identify Long-Term Staffing Needs
  2. Upgrade and Repair Ferndale Terrace
  3. Establish Municipal Broadband
  4. Install Douglas Road Sidewalks
  5. Establish a New “Signature” Event
  6. Install Slater Road Roundabouts
  7. Draft an Affordable Housing Plan
  8. Construct More Public Restrooms
  9. Provide Support for Slater Road Elevation
  10. Annex E. Slater Road UGA

“Could” List

  1. Establish a Wetland Mitigation Bank
  2. Form a Volunteer Corps
  3. Address Homelessness in Ferndale
  4. Draft an Asset Management Plan
  5. Extend Water/Sewer Service to Grandview
  6. Install Pioneer Pavilion Air Conditioning
  7. Install Water Meter Telemetry System
  8. Approve a Pizza Annex Plan (Repurpose or Tear Down)
  9. Rebuild the Pioneer Park Stage
  10. Build the Community Plaza

City Council Committee Assignments

Public Works & Utilities Committee Cathy Watson, Fred Kennedy and Teresa Taylor
Planning and Land Use Committee Rebecca Xczar, Teresa Taylor and Fred Kennedy
Finance & Administration Committee Keith Olson, Greg Hansen and Kate Hansen


City Council Liaison Assignments


Lodging Tax Advisory Committee (LTAC) Greg Hansen
Bellingham International Airport Advisory Committee Teresa Taylor
Ferndale School Board Kate Hansen
Whatcom Transportation Authority (WTA)   Cathy Watson
Whatcom County Fire District #7 Fred Kennedy
Ferndale Senior Center Cathy Watson
Chamber of Commerce Greg Hansen
Parks, Recreation and Trails Advisory Board (PRTAB) Rebecca Xczar
Ferndale Heritage Society Teresa Taylor
Old Settlers Association Jon Mutchler
Arts Commission Cathy Watson
Ferndale Downtown Association Teresa Taylor
Community Service Cooperative Kate Hansen
Ferndale Public Market Kate Hansen
Planning Commission Rebecca Xczar
Community Center Advisory Board (CCAB) Greg Hansen
Ferndale Community Coalition Greg Hansen

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