Author: Riley Sweeney

Volunteer Clean Up Scheduled for Flair Park Saturday May 13th

Flair Park

Flair Park

The Parks, Recreation, and Trails Advisory Board is holding a volunteer clean up day at Flair Park on Saturday May 13th at 10am. Participants will be weeding, cleaning and improving the park in the first of a series of volunteer events focused on our smaller neighborhood parks located throughout the city. Volunteers are invited to bring their own gloves.

Flair Park is located at 5610 Poplar Drive. The 0.9-acre park was renovated in 2001 and has a half basketball court; children’s play equipment, open grassy areas and picnic tables. Flair Park was dedicated to the City in February 1971.

This is a separate event from the City-Wide Clean Up Day, which is May 20th and organized by the Ferndale Downtown Association.

For any questions, please call Riley Sweeney, Communications Officer at (360) 685-2353.


Flair Park location

Traffic Signal Changed at 1st Ave. and Main St.


As part of the City’s efforts to improve traffic flow through our downtown core, the traffic signals at 1st Avenue and Main St have been changed.

For traffic going East/West on Main Street, the signal will show a flashing yellow. This means proceed with caution.

For traffic on 1st avenue, the signal will show a flashing red. This means come to a complete stop then proceed when safe.

There will no longer be a protected pedestrian crossing at this intersection.

The City will study the impacts to our city and review whether to remove the street light entirely.

For any questions, please contact Ferndale Public Works Department at (360) 685-2379.

Traffic Impact on Malloy Avenue Starting Thursday April 27th


Thursday April 27th, Friday April 28th and Monday May 1st 8:30am-5:00pm. Work will take place on Malloy Ave and Maria Terrace. While the road will remain open, traffic control and speed reduction devices will be in place. This work is weather dependent with dates subject to change. This traffic revision is necessary to allow for a private developer to complete installation of a utility and storm crossing.

If you have questions regarding this notice, please contact the Ferndale Public Works Department at (360) 384-4006.

Glow in the Dark Croquet Rescheduled for Friday, April 21st


Glow in the Dark Croquet has been officially rescheduled for Friday, April 21st, at dusk in Griffintown Park. 

It was to be held April 7th, but was cancelled due to high winds. So we’ve rescheduled it for Friday, April 21st.

Join your friends and neighbors for a casual game of Glow in the Dark Croquet at Griffintown Park. All ability levels welcome. Games begin at Dusk until around 10pm on Friday, April 21st, bring your own flashlight.

Glow in the Dark Croquet is part of Ferndale Parks “Summer of Fun”. More information is available at

Jeff Callender First Recipient of Mayor’s Award for Outstanding Citizenship

Jeff Callender with his wife Christy and Mayor Mutchler

Jeff Callender with his wife Christy and Mayor Mutchler

In recognition for his years of devotion to the Ferndale community, Jeff Callender was awarded the first Mayor’s Award for Outstanding Citizenship. Callender, who worked for Phillips 66 for over twenty years, was instrumental in supporting Ferndale personally and professionally. He announced his retirement in early 2017.

As regional director for Public Affairs for Phillip 66, Callender directed funds to the construction of a new library and the new Boys and Girls Clubhouse in Ferndale. He helped support the City baseball fields and contributed to the new safety crossing at the library. Personally, he lent his expertise to the Ferndale School District on their communications committee, helped with the Chelsey Ebert weekend and volunteered with the Ferndale Street Festival.

“Jeff Callender has gone above and beyond, professionally and personally, to support the Ferndale community and I can’t think of a recipient more deserving,” said Mayor Jon Mutchler.

The Mayor’s Award for Outstanding Citizenship, also called the “Fernies”, is a new tradition from the City to recognize members of the community for their extraordinary commitment to the betterment of our city.

Ferndale Receives Association of Washington Cities WellCity Award for the 4th Year

wellcity2For the fourth consecutive year, the City of Ferndale is recognized by the Association of Washington Cities (AWC) for their commitment to employee health. The WellCity Award is given to cities that meet the AWC’s stringent WellCity standards that include investing in employee health through training, conducting annual wellness evaluations and sponsoring programs that promote healthy lifestyles.

Because of this recognition, the city receives a two percent discount on their medical premiums, that will be applied to the 2018 premiums for active employees, spouses and dependents. “Jurisdictions with robust health promotion programs also benefit from improved employee health and report fewer employee sick days, higher morale and better retention,” said Beverly Lakey, AWC Employee Benefit Trust Program Manager.

City Clerk Susan Duncan spearheaded these efforts for the City, in collaboration with the City’s Wellness Committee. “This helps save the city money and help us live better, healthier lives. We’re extremely proud to receive this award for the fourth year running.” said Duncan.

Work Begins on Transitional Home Thanks to City, Interfaith Coalition Partnership


Elders with the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints assist with the repairs

Volunteers from Interfaith Coalition began work this week on a new transitional home on Washington Street thanks to a partnership with the City of Ferndale. The house was acquired by the City because the land will be needed for long-term transportation projects but in the short term, leased the house to Interfaith Coalition to provide housing to families in need.

With this Ferndale home, Interfaith Coalition will have four units of housing in the Ferndale area for homeless families:  two that are short-term emergency units, and two that are transitional. Interfaith Coalition expanded their efforts to the Ferndale area because of the growing need to keep families in their hometown and children in the same schools.

“This is a rare win-win for everyone,” said Mayor Jon Mutchler. “We secure a vital piece of real estate for future transportation needs and get to help out our most vulnerable in the meantime.”

This new housing unit will become a transitional home for a homeless family who will be able to live there at a reduced rental rate and receive case management from Interfaith Coalition with the goal that they move into their own home after they gain stability.


“This is a unique model of partnership that is very cost efficient and creative, and will allow us to serve more families experiencing homelessness in the Ferndale area,” said Laura Harker, Executive Director of Interfaith Coalition.

City staff and the City Council worked with Interfaith Coalition to resolve the issues of liability, repairs and future needs for the space. The work to repair the house is being done by volunteers from Interfaith Coalition congregations and other supporters.

Members of the public interested in volunteering with the Interfaith Coalition should reach out to Janie Pemble, Outreach Director at (360) 734-3983.


Ferndale Police Department Acquires Surplus Trebuchet for Crowd Control


The Ferndale Police Department has acquired a trebuchet to aid in their efforts to keep the peace. Standing over 20 feet high, this wooden device is able to hurl objects up to 200 lbs.

“This essential piece of medieval war technology will greatly improve our crowd control efforts during this year’s Old Settlers’ Picnic,” said Police Chief Kevin Turner. “The plan is if anyone gets rowdy, we launch them into the Nooksack River or, if there is a stiff breeze, the Haggen parking lot.” Turner notes that the exact range of the trebuchet has yet to be determined, but he is eager to give it a try.

The trebuchet became available this year after it was surplused from a local renaissance festival, the City acquired it without any cost.

“Here in Ferndale, we are always looking for ways to deliver the essential services to our community without breaking the bank,” said Mayor Mutchler. “This trebuchet is just another example of our prudent fiscal management, even in the area of siege weapon acquisition.”

In response, the City of Bellingham is reportedly purchasing a ballista.

UPDATE: This was our annual April Fool’s Day joke.