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 City Council Agenda Follow-Up January 22, 2019  
CONSENT AGENDA Councilmember Taylor moved, and Councilmember K. Hansen seconded, to approve the consent agenda.  MOTION CARRIED 7-0.     APPROVED  
PRIVATE DEVELOPMENTS UPDATE Community Development Director Haylie Miller presented updates on the following private development project:   Smith Meadows – Located on West Smith Road. This is a 3.8-acre parcel with 11 parcels, zoned RS Low. (3 – 5 units per acre) The roads, utilities, and all infrastructure have been completed. The next step is for the applicant to submit the final plat application to the City.       INFO ONLY
PRESENTATION: Community Development Department 2019 Legislative Plan Community Development Director Haylie Miller presented Community Development projects planned for 2019, including:   Shoreline Master Plan (SMP) Update: Many sections in the City’s SMP are outdated and need to be modified to reflect City goals and to comply with State guidelines.Planned Unit Development (PUD) Code Modifications: Current PUD code language is outdated and should be rewritten.Multifamily High Rezone: Replace the RM 1.5-Multiple Dwelling and Residential Office Zones within proximity of the Downtown Core with a new zone referred to as the Residential Multifamily High Zone. Ferndale-Priority Mitigation Program: Mitigation is described as compensation for project-related impacts to regulated biological critical areas.  The focus of this program will be on those areas within the FEMA 100-year floodplain and stream/river shorelines. The program is to be available for projects across jurisdictional boundaries with mitigation to occur within the city limits and UGA. Application Vesting Regulations: Review application vesting regulations and timelines specifically for land use applications to assure appropriate timelines are in place and regulations are clear.Catalyst Development: Establish a Downtown Catalyst incentive program that includes a waiver of all administrative, impact, and connection fees for up to three development projects meeting all required criteria to assist in the development of a vibrant downtown core.Mobile Home Park Developments: Currently, there is no zone in which mobile home parks could be located. Street Trees: The City’s Tree Ordinance was adopted in 1999 and has not been updated since. Proposed updates will include modification of tree spacing requirements, more flexibility, and will establish themes along certain corridors.Park Development Standards Details: Adopt trail standard details. The current code has one trail detail that does not work in all cases. Multifamily Parking Regulations: Research possible code changes, if necessary, to clarify whether “off-street” parking means on -site or within a garage.                                   INFO ONLY
CONTRACT: WWU Sustainable Communities Partnership Interagency Agreement AS part of the 2019 budget the City Council authorized funds to support a multi-disciplinary partnership between the City of Ferndale and Western Washington University for the purpose of exploring opportunities and challenges related to Downtown Ferndale and the surrounding areas. The proposed partnership is intended to bring the broad resources of WWU and its Sustainable Communities Partnership (SCP) to bear on the issue. Since its inception three years ago, the SCP has worked with the City of Edmonds, the City of Stanwood, and Skagit County to advance those jurisdictions’ planning. Work is performed by WWU students from several disciplines as part of an academic year-long effort. These students are typically juniors or seniors who are working at the direction of professional faculty with expertise on their respective fields. The final documents that will be provided to the City are at a standard that would be typical for professional consultants, at a fraction of the overall cost of a consultant. Councilmember Kennedy moved, and Councilmember Taylor seconded, to approve the agenda bill. MOTION CARRIED 7-0.           APPROVED
ADJOURNMENT: Meeting was adjourned at 7:10 p.m.