DUI Display and Drill at Ferndale High School This Week

In coordination with St. Joseph Medical Center, Whatcom County Fire District 7, Washington State Patrol, Ferndale Police and Airlift Northwest, there will be a DUI drill on the Ferndale High School football field, Thursday April 12th from 9 – 10 am.

***Please be advised this is only a drill.***

Here is what you can expect to see on Thursday:

– A wrecked car will be placed under the FHS reader board Wednesday morning
– A helicopter will land on the football field during the drill on Thursday
– Police department vehicles and personnel
– Medical transport vehicles and personnel
– Fire department vehicles and personnel
– Unusual (but planned) activity at and around Ferndale High School

In addition, there will be a staged DUI car crash on display in front of Ferndale High School starting tomorrow. It is just a display, please do not call 911.

Councilmember Kate Hansen Appointed to Incarceration Prevention Task Force

Councilmember Kate Hansen Appointed to Incarceration Prevention Task Force

Councilmember Kate Hansen

Recently, Councilmember Kate Hansen was appointed by the Whatcom County Council to serve on the Incarceration Prevention and Reduction Task Force, as the representative from a Community Health Center. Currently, Kate Hansen works for Unity Care Northwest as a Behavioral Health Case Manager.

The purpose of the Incarceration Prevention and Reduction Task Force is to continually review Whatcom County’s criminal justice and behavioral health programs and make specific recommendations to safely and effectively reduce incarceration of individuals struggling with mental illness and chemical dependency, and minimize jail utilization by pretrial defendants who can safely be released.

Spammers Send Fraudulent City Email

It looks like April’s Fools wasn’t quite done with us yet – a spammer has sent out some very official looking emails from a City email account – if you receive one, please DO NOT open it. Thank you for your vigilance.

City to install new E-Lane on Roundabouts for Distracted Drivers

Artist Rendering of proposed E-Lane

4/2/18 Update: Thank you everyone for enjoying our annual April Fool’s joke. While we are not installing E-Lanes into any of our roundabouts, we do urge everyone to set down those digital devices and focus on the road while driving. Thank you!

To address mounting concerns over distracted driving, the City of Ferndale is installing an “E-Lane” on all City roundabouts. This would allow drivers that are currently using a digital device to travel over the roundabout rather than navigate the difficult circular traffic pattern.

“I understand this may be a radical solution,” said Communications Officer Riley Sweeney, “But better to have a clear passage through the intersection than ask drivers to do something difficult like set down their phones.”

These new E-Lanes are set to be installed in the coming months, so stay tuned for traffic updates. You can get the latest information on road closures through our facebook page and city website, accessible on your Android or Apple mobile devices.

Open House for Washington Street Improvement Project Set for April 4th

Open House for Washington Street Improvement Project Set for April 4th

Please join us Wednesday, April 4th from 5:30pm-7pm at the Ferndale Public Library Main Conference Room (2125 Main Street) for an open house for the Washington Street Improvement Project. Project team members will be available to provide information regarding the project, including planned improvements, schedule, and potential impacts to local residents during construction. Project designers, members of the management team, inspectors and contractor representatives will be there to answer your project-related questions.

For more information, please call (360) 384-4006 or email Public-Works@cityofferndale.org


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