Artist Brenda Goddard-Laurence and her helper Ron Kino

Ferndale Completes New Mural in Downtown

The Ferndale Arts Commission’s Downtown Mural Project has a newly completed piece of art, titled “Spirit of Kulshan”. Visitors to downtown Ferndale will get to enjoy a sweeping landscape from Brenda Goddard-Laurence, of Brenda Goddard Designs, on the side of 5685 3rd Ave, adjacent to Luxe Thai.

While last summer’s Downtown Mural Project at the City Annex was painted with volunteers, this new mural is the first commissioned piece. This mural was funded in collaboration with the Ferndale Arts Commission and the building owners, Ted and Dale Schrader who are also the owners of the Subway at 5675 3rd Ave.

“Adding art is an essential part of making Ferndale’s downtown the incredible, vibrant place we all want it to be,” said Councilmember Rebecca Xczar, who organized the project on behalf of the Arts Commission. They are planning to install at least one more commissioned mural this summer.

The Arts Commission is also coordinating a volunteer alley mural project, funded by a Project Neighborly grant from Whatcom Community Foundation and are looking for volunteers. The installation will occur July 13th and 14th, those who want to help with the painting can sign up on the city website at

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