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Citywide Crack Sealing Starting May 14th

Over the next few weeks, City of Ferndale Public Works will be taking advantage of the dry weather to perform road maintenance and crack sealing throughout the City. This work helps prevent water infiltration into the subgrade, which can weaken the foundation of the road.
Crack sealing work will be done in small sections of roadway at a time and should only cause brief disruptions. It is important to know that this work can be noisy and dusty. If any dust or debris ends up on your vehicle, please do not wipe it off as the dust can scratch paint; it is best to rinse the dust using water. If you have any questions or concerns, contact City of Ferndale Public Works at (360) 384-4006.
Larger projects will be signed and flagged. Expect to see crews doing pavement crack sealing on Church Road and Main Street (east of the river) this week (May 14-17), dependent on weather and crew availability.

Ziply Fiber Network Expansion

Some of you may be aware that Ziply Fiber is in the process of expanding their residential fiber-optic network within the community. The City of Ferndale has issued several encroachment permits to Ziply Fiber for work within the right-of-way. Some of the utility work may also be taking place within existing utility easements that are located along the street frontage of properties within the community. Ziply is not required to provide formal notice prior to beginning their work, however Ziply has assured the City they will give advance notice to residents before any digging in the public right-of-way in front of resident properties. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact City of Ferndale Public Works at (360) 384-4006.

Request for Proposals – Grandview Sewer Extension Economic Analysis

The City of Ferndale and the Port of Bellingham are soliciting responses from qualified firms interested in providing professional infrastructure, engineering, economic, and feasibility study consulting services.  We specifically are issuing a Request for Proposal (RFP) for qualified firms to work in partnership to conduct an analysis study on the extension of municipal sewer lines to Grandview business park area to determine the current and future benefits this project could have on the area and any anticipated challenges.  For a more detailed scope of work, click here.


Whatcom County lacks developable, serviced industrial and commercial land.  The region further lacks land on which workforce housing can be built.  Together, these factors place substantial risk to the region’s ability to grow, attract and retain businesses as well as a qualified workforce.

The current demand for both developable land and workforce housing is unprecedented.  Whatcom County’s high quality of life, educated and skilled workforce, and the close proximity to the Lower Mainland of British Columbia have primed the region for growth.

The Grandview Road area, with land in the City of Ferndale (approximately 250 acres), and the City’s unincorporated Urban Growth Area (UGA, approximately 390 acres), is the last undeveloped freeway interchange within a city or UGA north of Seattle.  The land is within ten miles of the Canadian border, and in close proximity to the BNSF railway line.  Malloy Avenue lies immediately south of this area, and includes an additional 160 acres of largely undeveloped commercial and industrial land within the Ferndale City limits.  West of Malloy Avenue is the majority of the City’s residential UGA, including nearly 500 acres that will support much of Ferndale’s future residential growth.

None of these areas are serviced by City sewer, and as a result will remain in an undeveloped or under-developed state until sewer services are extended.

The Project 

The City of Ferndale proposes extending municipal sewer north along Malloy Avenue and then north along Portal Way to Grandview Road, at which point the City will cross Interstate Five in order to provide sewer services to the east side of the freeway (see attached conceptual alignment).  In total, the sewer extension, which may be split into multiple phases, will extend nearly 2.5 miles.  The City of Ferndale projects the total cost of the project will be approximately $15 million.

The goal of this project will be to analyze the economic impacts of this infrastructure extension, and how this infrastructure project may promote further economic investment either public or private development within the Grandview area.  This analysis will also seek to evaluate, if there are other environmental, regulatory, or infrastructure challenges that may further delay or reduce development of the area.  Finally, the analysis is to include recommended strategies, goals, potential future infrastructure projects, potential funding sources and planning-level costs to address any deficiencies that may be identified, so the final report among other purposes serving as a basis for future land use decisions and to support the development of the City’s 2025 Comprehensive Plan update, as it relates to this area.

Anticipated Timeline

This project includes creating an economic study, including a product market analysis of the economic, market strategies, public facilities, and land available. The City and Port anticipate the following schedule for this project:

Task Task Dates
RFP Responses Due by Noon May 31, 2024
Selection of consultant by Port and Ferndale by June 7, 2024
Scope, Fee and Negotiations June 14, 2024
Contract completed by June 21, 2024
PSA Approved by City Council July 1, 2024
Contract work begins on July 8, 2024
Detailed Project Management Plan Due July 11, 2024

 Selection Criteria

Responses to this RFP will be evaluated based on how consultants are scored on their submitted responses to the RFP criteria and the interview process.  A selection committee comprised of the Port of Bellingham Project Manager, City of Ferndale City Administrator, and the City Public Works Director will complete the evaluation process.

The Port of Bellingham and the City of Ferndale will evaluate and score the submitted proposals based on the selected criteria and point system shown below.  The consultant’s required proposal and score will determine which consultant will be selected for the interview stage.  During the interview, respondents will be given the opportunity to discuss their proposal, qualifications, and past experience in more detail.  Following interviews and selection of a proposal the City of Ferndale and the selected respondent will negotiate a Professional Service Agreement (PSA).   A respondent will be selected on qualification only as illustrated through their proposal and interview.

Required Responses based on the following criteria:

Qualifications and Experience of the Firm (50 points possible)

Demonstrate (in the last three years) recent and relevant experience having conducted a feasibility study and in the following categories:

a. Feasibility Study: Conducting comprehensive studies to analyze the technical economic, environmental, and social aspects of infrastructure projects for commercial and residential land use projects to determine their viability in both the near and long-term.

b. Project Management: Understanding project management principles and methodologies to effectively plan, execute, and monitor infrastructure projects from inception to completion.

c. Stakeholder Management: Engaging with various stakeholders, including government agencies, investors, community groups, and industry partners, to gather input and address concerns.

d. Technical Knowledge: Understanding the technical aspects of infrastructure projects, including engineering principles, construction methods, materials, and technology applications.

e. Economic Analysis: Demonstrate experience having done economic analyses. Assessing the financial feasibility of infrastructure projects, including cost estimation, revenue potential, return on investment, and financial risk analyses.

f.  Market Research: Conducting market studies to understand demand, competition, and market trends that may determine the volume and nature of private development that may follow the successful extension of sewer and future infrastructure to the Grandview area

g. Regulatory Compliance: Understanding the legal and regulatory requirements governing infrastructure projects, including zoning laws, environmental regulations such as SEPA and NEPA, safety standards, and permitting process.

h. Communication Skills: Effectively communicating the findings and recommendations of feasibility assessments to stakeholders, decision-makers, and the public through clear and concise reports, presentations, and consultations.

i. Strategic Planning: Developing a strategic plan to address challenges and opportunities resulting from the feasibility analysis, including but not limited to identifying appropriate land use regulations (zoning and development standards), infrastructure needs, cost recoupment, communications, and environmental strategies that may lead to a larger return on investment and effective private development of the benefit area.

Clarity and effectiveness of the proposed methodology (40 possible points): 

a. Project Plan: Detailed narrative of the project plan approach.

b. Timeline: Detail timeline of tasks to be completed the project.

c. Tasks and Goals: List of how the specific tasks and subtasks will be accomplished fulfilling goals, objectives, and scope of work.

d. Approach to data collection: quantitative and qualitative data to identify trends, patterns, and insight relevant to the infrastructure planning and development

e. Approach to quantitative analysis: Proficiency in using mathematical and statistical techniques to quantify and assessment different aspects of the project, such as cons-benefit analysis, risk assessment and performance evaluation.

f. Approach to qualitative analysis: Ability to conduct qualitative research methods

g. GIS and Spatial Analysis: Experience/Familiarity with Geographic Information (GIS) software and spatial analysis techniques to visualize and analyses spatial data relevant to infrastructure planning, such as land use, transportation networks, and environmental features or similar technology.

h. Documentation Method: Explanation of how documents and files are stored and shared for the project from concept to completion.

i. Final Recommendations: Approach to identifying goals, recommendations, and metrics of success, including the conceptual format of final reports, including the use of graphics and other illustrations that may aid in conveying technical information to stakeholders at all levels of understanding (elected officials, property owners, other agencies).

j. Project Management: Approach to coordinating with Port, City, partners and community members. Methodologies to plan, organize, and execute the study and project efficiently with time and budget.

k. Proposed project team: Identify the project team roles, and responsibilities for the project.

Other desired qualities:

Critical Thinking: capability to critically evaluate different approaches, methodologies, and assumptions used in infrastructure studies and make informed decisions based on evidence and logic.

Interdisciplinary Knowledge: Understanding the various disciplines relevant to infrastructure development, including engineering, economics, environmental science, sociology, and public policy.

Scenario Planning: Capability to develop and evaluate alternative scenarios for infrastructure development, considering different future conditions, uncertainties, and stakeholder preferences.

Communications: Experience effectively communicating complex topics to stakeholders at multiple levels of understanding and responsibility.  In addition, being able to communicate to stakeholders, such as the City and the Port the importance of the need for additional requirements and responsibilities such as maintenance and operations as a result of successful project in the Grandview area.

References and Availability (10 points possible):

a. Provide contact information for clients and other professional references for similar projects.

b. Provide the consultant team has the ability to complete the project within the timeframe described, herein. Provide brief resume/work experience of the team.

Submittal Instructions:

Email materials to:

Susan Duncan, Administrative Services Director:

Please address any questions to Susan Duncan at the above email address.


















Notice of Traffic Revision and Possible Delays: Monday, May 6th and Tuesday, May 7th

Monday, May 6th – Main Street between LaBounty Dr. and Hovander Rd.
Tuesday, May 7th – LaBounty Dr. between Nordic Way and Main St.

City of Ferndale Infrastructure Maintenance & Repairs
The City of Ferndale will be performing infrastructure maintenance and repairs in downtown Ferndale on Monday, May 6th and Tuesday, May 7th, 2024. Work hours are 7:00am to 3:00pm each day.

Expect slowdowns as traffic is lane shifted around the work zones. Work should not affect access to businesses adjacent to the work zones.

If you have questions regarding this notice, please contact the Ferndale Public Works Department at 360-384-4006.

Monday, May 6th

Tuesday, May 7th

Notice of Traffic Revision and Possible Delays: Wednesday, April 10th – Thursday, April 11th

Hatton Pl near Thornton St. CLOSED to through traffic from Wednesday, April 10th – Thursday, April 11th

Residents should plan for inconveniences as a small section of Hatton Pl will be closed to through traffic near 6088 Hatton Pl on Wednesday, April 10th and Thursday, April 11th. The only residential driveway inside the closure zone is at 6088 Hatton Pl. This resident will have continued access to their driveway/home throughout the closure.

The closure is expected to last for two days.

This traffic revision is for work associated with a private development project.

Utility Billing Error

With the City’s utility billing conversion still underway, our Finance Department is working through technical issues as they arise. If you have made a utility payment using the online payment portal (Invoice Cloud) or AutoPay between March 15th and April 3rd and have received a late notice of zero dollars, please know we have received payment, however it currently may not reflect onto the account. We are working diligently to correct the issue and hope to have all payments reflected on bills and through your online payment portal as soon as possible. We kindly ask that you have patience and call our Finance Department at (360) 384-4269 or email if you would like to confirm payment has been made. We will post an update when the issues have been resolved.

Metalworks Skatepark Groundbreaking April 10

City of Ferndale Invites Public to Metalworks Skatepark Groundbreaking Event

(Ferndale, WA) — The City of Ferndale invites the public to a groundbreaking event on Wednesday, April 10, 2024, kicking off construction of Metalworks Skatepark, a highly anticipated project for the Ferndale community.

The groundbreaking event will take place at the future skatepark location at the 5500 block of Second Avenue, across the street from the old American Legion building. Parking will be available at the Phillips66 Sports Complex. The event will begin promptly at 2:00 p.m. with opening remarks and speeches, with the official groundbreaking at approximately 2:20 p.m.

The City would like to welcome all community members, skaters – thrashers and posers, stakeholders, and project supporters in celebrating this project milestone for the Metalworks Skatepark. Attendees will include Mayor Greg Hansen, City councilmembers, elected officials, City staff, and project partners. The community is encouraged to participate in this eagerly awaited event. You’ll hear from members of the project team, have the opportunity to leave your mark on the official construction project sign, watch as we break ground, and take home a limited-edition Metalworks Skatepark sticker.

The City is stoked to begin construction on the Metalworks Skatepark, ultimately creating a place for community members of all ages and skate skill levels to connect in the heart of Downtown Ferndale. We hope you’ll join us on Wednesday, April 10th, 2024, at 2:00 p.m. to kickflip this project into gear!

City Offices Closed on Friday, March 29, 2024

City offices will be closed on Friday, March 29th, 2024 and open again for regular business hours on Monday, April 1st, 2024. As always, first responders are available by dialing 911.

Photo courtesy of Councilmember Erin Gunter – Cherry Blossoms from City Hall, March 24, 2024

Notice of Traffic Revision and Possible Delays: Monday, April 1st – Friday, April 5th

Thornton St. near Pacific Heights Dr. CLOSED from Monday, April 1st – Friday, April 5th

Drivers should plan to detour as Thornton Street will be CLOSED near the intersection with Pacific Height Drive for the week of April 1st – April 5th.  The detour route around the closure uses Church Rd, Main St/Mountainview Rd, and Olson Rd.

Sidewalks on both sides of the street will be closed inside the work zone. This closure occurs during school spring break so should not impact school routes.

The traffic revision is expected to last for one week, Monday, April 1st – Friday, April 5th from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM daily.

This traffic revision is for utility work associated with a private development project.