Boards & Commissions

There are numerous ways residents of the City of Ferndale can participate to help enhance the community they live in.

One such way is volunteering to serve on city advisory bodies that help forum public policy and make Ferndale a prosperous place to be.

Visit our Community Page for information about other community events and volunteer opportunities.

The City accepts applications for boards and commissions year-round, not just when there is a vacancy. If you feel you have something to contribute, please fill out an application and send it to City Clerk Susan Duncan (see below). You can find the application here.

All these meetings are open to the public. Click in to the individual pages to find the time and date for each group if you would like to attend.

Boards & Commissions

More Information

Contact the City Clerk Susan Duncan
Phone: (360) 685-2354
Fax: (360) 384-1163